Seminars offered by our institute: 
Seminar 1 – Corruption in public service
Seminar 2 – Corruption prevention and leadership
Seminar 3 – Corruption prevention. Risk and vulnerability analysis
Seminar 4 – Corruption and the construction industry
Seminar 5 – Cross-cultural sensitivity training: Doing business in China (IFKP-Seminar5.pdf)


 Members of the institute offer one-hour presentations on various topics. Here is a selection:
Presentation 1 – Corruption from the perspective of criminal and labor law
Presentation 2- Drafting anti-corruption guidelines. On accepting rewards and gifts
Presentation 3 – Investigations by public prosecutors in matters of corruption. Cooperation between public authorities
Presentation 4 – How to corrupt a public official who behaves with integrity. Micropolitical games in public administration
Presentation 5 – Gray areas of corruption. Results of vulnerability and risk analyses
Presentation 6 – Integrity management. Holistic concepts of corruption prevention
Presentation 7 – Corruption prevention as a component of quality management
Presentation 8 – Integrity test. A useful tool in public service?
Presentation 9 – Corruption in construction. Requirements planning, placement, control