Cross-cultural sensitivity training

Cross-cultural sensitivity training: Doing Business in China

from Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gatz

Seminar Outline

China has a very unique business culture based on distinctive core values that are rooted in China’s philosophical traditions. Despite all the dynamic changes and reforms that China underwent over the last decades, these core values still transcend business life in modern China today. Thus, they are vitally important for your business success in China.

This seminar helps you to avoid costly start-up blunders and provides guidelines how to effectively operate in a Chinese business environment. Participants refine their skills to better interact with Chinese staff, business partners, customers and suppliers.

Learning Method

The learning apparatus of this seminar consists of lectures, case studies and various scenarios. Training sessions are strongly oriented towards interactive discussions and follow-up analyses of case studies and scenarios. Participants are encouraged to feed in their own experiences, problems and concerns.

Learning Objectives

Professional preparation of management and staff to

  • understand important Chinese cultural values and its philosophical foundations that influence Chinese business life.
  • understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a network of business relations with Chinese business partners.
  • become a more successful negotiator by understanding and applying Chinese negotiation strategies and tactics.
  • communicate effectively across Western-Chinese cultural boundaries.
  • be aware of critical ‘face’ issues when handling conflictive situations.
  • improve cooperation with Chinese staff by taking into account the importance of hierarchy, and culture specific forms of leadership.
  • avoid misunderstandings, frustrations, and inefficiencies by learning how to delegate tasks, train workers, and give feedback in a Chinese work environment.